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To protect, to rehabilitate and to serve

Youth Custodial Rules

Youth Custodial Rules cover the management of young people held in detention. They reflect the Australasian Juvenile Justice Administrator's National Standards, which were endorsed nationally in 1999.

100 - Officers

101 Distribution of Youth Custodial Rules and compliance with legislation (PDF 73 KB)
102Youth Custodial Services philosophy and management of young people
(under review)

200 - Management, control and security of detention centres

201 Association of male and female detainees (PDF 66 KB)
202 Privileges extended to detainees (PDF 70 KB)
203 Detainee requests and complaints (PDF 75 KB)
218 Unit plans (PDF 61 KB)
220 Management of female detainees (PDF 69 KB)
221 Structured day (PDF 67 KB)

300 - Assessment, security classification and supervision level of detainees

301Security classification and supervision level of detainees within detention (PDF 131 KB)
302 Assessment of detainees and case planning (PDF 64 KB)

400 - Custody, removal and release of detainees

401 Property of detainees upon admission and discharge from detention (PDF 82 KB)
405 Supervised Release Review Board (PDF 68 KB)

500 - Detention centre visits

501 Visits (PDF 73 KB)
502 Inspector Custodial Services and Independent Detention Centre Visitors (PDF 78 KB)

600 - Communication involving detainees

601 Access to information pertaining to detainees (PDF 71 KB)
603 Communications (PDF 81 KB)

700 - Health care and wellbeing of detainees

710 Health Services (PDF 73 KB)

800 - Authorised absences

801 Authorised absence from detention (PDF 63 KB)

900 - Non Australian detainees

901 Receipt of a foreign national detainee (PDF 68 KB)

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