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Protective conditions

The protective conditions process enables offenders and victims to reach an agreement about the level and nature of contact (if any) between them.

The purpose of mediation is to ensure both parties' rights and safety are protected.

Both parties do not need to meet to reach an agreement.

A mediator from the Victim-offender Mediation Unit (VMU) will liaise with both parties during this process.

The unit accepts referrals for this service if:

  • the offender contacts the victim either directly or indirectly
  • the victim and offender are likely to have ongoing contact either as cohabitants, residents in the same town or parents/relatives of a common party
  • the victim or offender want to contact the other party for various reasons (the offender may want to apologise to the victim or the victim may want to visit the offender in prison)
  • the victim fears there may be contact once a prisoner is released even if there is no ongoing relationship with the offender.

Page last updated: 17-Oct-2016