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Victim Notification Register

Victims of crime may use the Victim Notification Register to receive information about the perpetrator of the crime against them, for as long as that person is under DCS supervision.

The information may include details about the offender's sentence, any escapes from custody and recapture, impending release dates and the results of any appeals against the sentence.

Victims are notified in writing of any changes to the offender's circumstances, usually within 5 days of that change occurring.

More information and details on whether you are eligible to join this information service can be found in Victim Notification Register (PDF 1.78 MB).

There are 4 ways to register for this service:

Contact details

Victim Notification Registry
Level 2 Low Rise
District Court Building
500 Hay Street
Telephone: +61 8 9425 2870
Facsimile: +61 8 9425 2869
Freecall:1800 818 988 (outside metro only)

Postal Address

Victim Notification Registry
GPO Box 6702

Page last updated: 3-Dec-2020