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To protect, to rehabilitate and to serve

Prison industries

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Two key focuses for the department are to be as self-sustainable as possible and make a positive difference in the lives of offenders and the community.

Prison industries do just that with prisoners producing 80% of all clothing, food and textiles for use within the prison system.

Prisoners have a choice of working in a number of industries including the abattoir, dairy, bakery, laundry, textiles and cabinet workshops.

Operating like any business, the industries provide a variety of goods to internal and external customers. Prisoners must apply to work in industries, much like the process of winning a job. Once approved, prisoners develop vocational and educational skills, making them ready and qualified to find a job once they're released.

Most industries are connected to accredited TAFE courses and apprenticeships. To see what training courses are available to prisoners, refer to Education and Vocational Training.

Prison industries also take on contracts from external and charitable organisations. However, they only accept work that does not threaten WA businesses. Prisoners also manufacture items for donation including disability ramps, lounges for Princess Margaret Hospital and study desks and bicycles for disadvantaged children at Christmas.

If you are interested in working with us, refer to the Business with us page.

Page last updated: 23-Nov-2020