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To protect, to rehabilitate and to serve


More parole information

Parole is the conditional release of an offender from prison to allow them to serve the remainder of their prison sentence in the community, provided they follow certain conditions. Parole does not free an offender from their sentence. Offenders who are on parole continue to serve their sentence in the community where they can further their own rehabilitation, restore their relationships and adjust to life back in the community.

An offender on parole is usually supervised in the community by a Community Corrections Officer. A Community Corrections Officer works with an offender to ensure they meet the conditions of their parole whilst aiming to enhance public safety, reduce the likelihood an offender will commit another offence and encourage them to reconnect with their community. If an offender breaches the conditions of their parole, they could be sent back to prison.

Whether or not an offender is eligible for parole is determined by the court when an offender is sentenced. The Prisoners Review Board is then responsible for making the decision on whether an eligible offender is actually granted parole.

Page last updated: 31-Jul-2019