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More parole information

Parole is the release of a prisoner to serve the rest of their sentence in the community, provided they follow certain conditions. The court decides whether or not a person will be eligible for parole when they first send them to prison. Parole means prisoners can serve the rest of their sentence in the community under the supervision of a community corrections officer.

If a person is granted parole, they must continue to follow certain conditions so they can stay in the community. Sometimes these conditions may mean they have to come home at certain times (curfew) or they may not be able to go to certain places or see certain people. If they breach these conditions, they could be sent back to prison.

People on parole are supported in their return to the community and get help to find a place to work and live. If they do not have a job or a home, there is a higher chance of them re-offending. They also need to meet regularly with community corrections officers, who will make sure that they are doing the right thing.

Western Australia's Prisoners Review Board is responsible for making decisions on whether a prisoner who is eligible for parole actually receives it.

Page last updated: 17-Oct-2016