Wyndham Work Camp (East Kimberley)

Fast facts

Host prison:West Kimberley Regional Prison
Total capacity:
(as at 21 October 2015)
Opened:June 2011
Location:Approximately 6 km from the port of Wyndham, East Kimberley Western Australia

The new work camp

The $8m accommodation for East Kimberley prisoners opened on 29 June 2011. It provides living quarters and facilities for double the number of prisoners than the previous work camp location.

The Wyndham Work Camp is an integral part of the local community, while at the same time largely self contained in terms of its capacity to deliver services on site. A fully-equipped workshop and classroom enables participants to receive a comparable level of training and education to that provided in prison.

Wyndham Work Camp provides reparation services to the community, as well as opportunities for the rehabilitation of prisoners through skills-based community work. This work establishes links that help to facilitate prisoners' re-entry into the community. The work camp also provides culturally appropriate management options for West Kimberly Regional Prison by keeping suitable East Kimberley prisoners closer to family and country, and providing an alternative custodial option to traditional imprisonment.

Recent projects

Prisoners at the Wyndham Work Camp have undertaken a range of recent projects to develop on-site facilities, such as the construction of welding screens, new work benches, steel racks and other custom storage spaces to assist with organising the new work shop.

Prisoners are responsible for looking after large gardens, a vegetable patch and chickens, in addition to their community work arrangements.

Completed and ongoing projects include:

  • restoration work at the RSL monument, 12 Mile burial site and 7 Mile Cemetery in Wyndham.
  • preparation of site for Kimberley Land Council for between 500-1000 Traditional Elder attendees at Wugubun
  • refurbishment of remote grave sites for Durack family at Doon Doon Community
  • landscaping at Wyndham Police Station
  • landscaping at Wyndham Swimming Pool Centre.

Contact details:

PO Box 345
Telephone: +61 8 9161 2880
Facsimile: +61 8 9161 2881