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To protect, to rehabilitate and to serve

Prison Standards

Standards are being introduced to promote service delivery improvement within an Individual Offender Management approach.  Prison Standards:

  • are aspirational and identify how the Department intends to operate
  • will help to set performance benchmarks
  • will help to establish safe, decent and humane environments that encourage rehabilitation and prisoners and offenders to take personal responsibility.

Prison Standards align with the principles that underpin Individualised and Integrated Offender Management (IIOM):

  • Responsible offender
  • Decency and humanity
  • Natural justice and procedural fairness
  • Accountability and transparency

Women in Prison - Prisons Standard

The first Standard in Western Australia is for Women in Prison and reflects our aspiration to deliver a world-class approach to the management of women prisoners.

The Women in Prison – Prisons Standard recognises that women in prison have different needs to men. It addresses women’s special vulnerabilities and the fact that women in custody have often experienced significant personal trauma.  It acknowledges that the high proportion of Aboriginal women in the justice system requires a culturally sensitive response.

Alcohol and drug testing

The Department maintains a workplace that is safe and promotes the highest standards of integrity and accountability amongst our custodial staff. To achieve this, the Corrective Services Division conducts drug and alcohol testing of custodial staff.

The Declared Drugs and Masking Agents listed are those which may be tested for during staff drug and alcohol testing events.

Page last updated: 31-Dec-2019