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Adult Custodial Standards and Rules

The Adult Custodial Rules provides the public with access to Adult Custodial:

Standards are an integral component of the Department’s new Operating Standards and Procedures Framework. Standards are being introduced to promote service delivery improvement within an Individual Offender Management approach. The introduction of Standards demonstrates the Department's progress towards the achievement of being a world class corrective services organisation.

The Rules, Directives, Appendices and Instructions together form the majority of the overall system of prisons and prisoner management that is derived from the Prisons Act 1981 and other legislation.

The rules are made by the head of the Department, the Commissioner, with approval from the Minister and largely cover prisoner and prison officer conduct.

The rules deal with matters such as classification/placement of prisoners and visits, some details of which are required to be enshrined in rules.

On the other hand, the policy directives, which are issued by the head of the Department and do not require Ministerial approval, cover procedural and administrative matters and welfare issues. Areas covered by the policy directives include search procedures, attendance at funerals, access to information and dietary and nutritional requirements. Operational Instructions are similarly limited to procedural matters.

Each of the above are required to be reviewed on an annual basis and this review is coordinated by the Operational Services division.

Prison Orders

Prison Orders are policy instruments to effect changes to existing custodial operational instruments and support the suite of Adult Custodial Rules, Policy Directives and Prison Procedures. Prison Orders will be phased out as the implementation of the Custodial Operational Policies and Procedures are implemented from now until September 2021.

If you require one of the below Prison Orders, please email Operational Policy at

Number Title​
04/2016 Restricted visits with grandchildren for child sex offenders
02/2016 Privileged mail
05/2017 Early discharge from prison
04/2017 Transition of Court Security and Custodial Services
02/2017 Common Telephone Numbers
03/2018 Telephone calls to legal practitioners
02/2018 Visitor Ban Procedures (local and state-wide)
06/2019 ​Compassionate Leave
05/2019 Absence to further the interests of justice
04/2019 Work camps eligibility
03/2019 Hospital Orders
01/2019 Additional privileged mail options
06/2020 ​E-Visits and Video link​​

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