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Conducting research with the Department

High quality research and evidence based approaches and practices shape services, enhance outcomes for prisoners, detainees, offenders and the community.

The Department receives many research applications from graduates and researchers from within Australia and overseas. In assessing each application, the Department must consider its strategic priorities as well as whether the research focus will contribute directly to improving the service provision for prisoners, detainees, offenders and safety outcomes for the community.

Researchers interested in submitting applications should note it is necessary for the Department to limit the number of research activities undertaken at any one time that affect the daily routines of prisoners and detainees.

Interim research application process

On 1 July 2017, the former Departments of Corrective Services and the Attorney General amalgamated to become the Department of Justice (the Department). As a result, the Department has in place an interim research process and requests to undertake research will be considered through the Department’s Research Applications and Advisory Committee (RAAC). The RAAC considers, coordinates and monitors requests to undertake research or requests for data for research and analysis purposes. More information about the RAAC is available on the Students and Researchers page.  

Requests to conduct research

It is recommended that applicants contact the RAAC via or to express their interest in undertaking a research project prior to submitting a research proposal. The RAAC will be able to provide advice regarding the timing of applications and appropriate application forms to be completed.  

Step 1: Research proposal

The first step is to submit a research proposal, outlining the purpose of the proposed study along with provision of information relating to the research methodology, sampling, timelines, and any access to the Department that may be required.

If the research proposal meets initial criteria and is accepted, the researcher will be invited to submit a detailed research application which will be assessed by the Department.

Please note that an invitation to submit a research application is not approval of the research project.

Step 2: Research application

Applicants who are invited to submit a full research application will need to complete the Application Form for the Conduct of Research Projects and attach all supporting documentation using the accompanying Attachments Form.

Research guidelines

Applicants who are interested in conducting research with the Department are encouraged to read the Research Guidelines for Applicants (Research Guidelines). The Research Guidelines provide:

  • information on how to apply for research approval from the Department
  • key points to consider when conducting research
  • research protocols to follow when conducting research.

Data requests

The Department produces statistical data which is released to the public on a regular basis. Data is made available through the Department’s website.

Applicants requesting access to the Department’s data must submit a research proposal/application as per the Department’s research application process. Applicants will need to provide details of their data request and complete a standard data variable list (where applicable) as part of the research proposal/ application form. The Department does not accept previous approvals or approvals from other Departments to provide information or data.


For all other research related enquiries, email to or

Page last updated: 17-Jan-2018