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To protect, to rehabilitate and to serve


The Department of Justice is committed to publishing a wide range of statistics relevant to the work of the Department and its various areas, which may be of interest to researchers, organisations and the wider community.

Corrective Services Reports

Quarterly statistical reports provide an overview of adults and young people who are in the care of the Department, either in custody or in the community. Produced at the end of March, June, September and December, these reports provide a midnight snapshot on the last day of each quarter, comparison data for the same quarter of the previous year, and trend information for each quarter for the previous five years.

Quarterly statistics on:


A Definition of Terms is included at the end of each report.

Court and Tribunal Reports

A number of reports have been developed to outline the workload of the various criminal and civil courts and tribunals.

The annual reports have been designed to provide information about the work carried out by relevant court or tribunal. A number of different statistics have been included that illustrate different aspects of the court or tribunal process.

Separate counting rules that best illustrate the work of the court are utilised for each statistic. Please read the counting rules on each page to help interpret the data.

Refer to the Court and Tribunal Reports on the Department of Justice website.

National Publications

In addition to Department statistics, the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Productivity Commission publish regular crime and justice statistics.

Requests for additional data

The Department regularly receives requests from media outlets for customised statistics. All requests for customised figures are considered on a case by case basis. The Department will generally supply such information only where the:

  • information is stored in a way that it is easily retrievable; and
  • amount of work required to compile and supply customised information is reasonable.

Researchers interested in conducting high quality research and/or developing evidence based approaches and practices to enhance outcomes in the justice sector using Department data are requested to review the research application process prior to submitting a research application.

Other publications

The Department also reports on numbers of adults and young offenders through:

Below is a list of useful websites that provide statistical reports from various government agencies:

Page last updated: 27-Jul-2021