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Department of Corrective Services decision making is based on evidence. This is supported by timely, relevant, and reliable statistical information.

This statistical profile data is critical to the Department’s strategic policy and planning processes and is used to:

  • identify service delivery priorities
  • determine program effectiveness
  • infrastructure planning
  • recruitment
  • set strategic direction.

Transparent and accountable governance is enhanced through the production of relevant statistical data and its release to the general public on a regular basis.

Data is made available on a quarterly basis through the Quarterly Statistics Report.

Quarterly statistics

Quarterly Statistics reports quarterly on numbers of adults and young people who are in the care of the Department, either in custody or in the community.

These reports will be produced at the end of March, June, September and December.

The statistics provided in these reports are:

  • snapshot data current at midnight (12.00 am) on the last day of each quarter
  • comparison data for the same quarter of the previous year
  • includes trend information for each quarter for the previous five years.

Quarterly statistics on:



A Definition of Terms is included at the end of each report.

Discontinued Statistical Series

As part of the Department's reform process, the published statistical data and its frequency has been reviewed. The monthly graphical report, weekly offender reports and Quick Reference Statistics have been discontinued and are available on the Discontinued Statistical Series page.

Data sources

Data is sourced from the Department's Total Offender Management Solution (TOMS) and Community Business Information System (C-BIS).

The statistics are accurate as at the time the data is extracted from the systems. The data systems are dynamic and are constantly being updated and data integrity improved. For this reason data may change slightly from month to month or quarter to quarter.

Other publications

The Department also reports on numbers of adults and young offenders through:

Below is a list of useful websites that provide statistical reports from various government agencies:

Further information

For further information about the Department's statistical reports, contact:

Stategic Capability and Review

Page last updated: 31-May-2017