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To protect, to rehabilitate and to serve

Tenders and contracts

Are you interested in becoming a supplier or contractor with the Department of Justice's Corrective Services Division?

Supplying to Government

Whole-of-government contracts (or contracts under Common Use Arrangements (CUAs)) allow agencies within government to purchase direct from approved suppliers who offer the best value for money.

To be considered part of a whole-of-government contract and gain a clear understanding of the necessary buying rules, visit the Tenders WA website or look at the West Australian Newspaper (tenders section) for details of advertised contracts.

The Department also has a range of specific contracts to meet its business needs that are outside the scope of the CUAs.

For more information on these contracts, contact:
Department of Finance
Telephone: +61 8 6551 1555

Where can suppliers be found?


Current suppliers can be found on Whole of Government Contracts WA.

Find out more about Government procurement policy from the State Supply Commission.

The important thing to remember is when you buy off a CUA it ensures Government staff are complying with Government procurement policy in an open and effective way.

Non-Government Sector purchasing

The Department has made a commitment to greater flexibility and harmony in its working relationship with the non-government (NG) sector.

A set of rules for funding or buying community services through the NG sector is in place. This policy also provides flexibility, transparency, accountability and value for money for grant funding and contracting of services that do not necessarily involve open market tendering.

The Department is required to use the standardised service agreements and grant documentation in all circumstances when purchasing or funding community services.

Details of the policy and relevant documentation are available from the State Supply Commission.

Page last updated: 9-Oct-2018