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To protect, to rehabilitate and to serve

Repay WA - Business with us

Does your community organisation need assistance? Then Repay WA might just be for you.

Repay WA is a community program that operates throughout WA and allows eligible adult and young offenders to repay their debt to society and increase their work and life skills through supervised community work projects.

The Department is always seeking new partnerships with organisations that support or deliver community-based services and resources.

How to get involved

To find out if your organisation is eligible to become a Repay WA partner contact Repay WA.

You can nominate to host a community work project by completing a Repay WA Application Form.

How it works

Repay WA can help to ensure even the most simple tasks are completed for eligible community organisations. Common work includes:

  • gardening
  • tree planting
  • painting
  • grounds maintenance
  • cleaning
  • recycling projects
  • clothes sorting
  • kitchen duties
  • basic administration.

For further information or to become involved with Repay WA, contact your local Adult Community Corrections Centre or Youth Justice Centre or by email to

Page last updated: 17-Oct-2016