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Prisoner Employment Program

Are you looking for hard-working and skilled employees? If so, the Department of Corrective Services is encouraging interested employers to become involved in the Prisoner Employment Program (PEP).

The PEP provides prisoners with the opportunity to engage in meaningful and sustainable paid employment, work experience, vocational training and education in the community.

PEP is a great way for organisations to hire employees who are trained and skilled in their relevant field of work. The Department also has employment coordinators who will assist your organisation and provide you with appropriate advice.

Another benefit to your organisation is the role of the post placement support officer who will assist you and your new employee in ensuring the transition into a new workplace has gone well.

The PEP is run through the Department's Education and Vocational Training Unit.

The Department hosts expos which allow employers to visit the prison and see first hand the type of employment, education and training conducted in the prison and the type of potential employees that may be available.

The expos are a great way for employers to identify potential employees who have gained skills while in prison. Employers are invited to tour the facilities and meet potential employees.

If you think your organisation could benefit from working with the Department and PEP then contact:

Prisoner Employment Programs
Education and Vocational Training Unit
4 Welshpool Road
Tel: +61 8 6250 9200
Fax: +61 8 9470 4276 

Page last updated: 17-Oct-2016