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Students and researchers

The Department considers research applications falling within the scope of the Strategic Research Priorities 2013-2014 but will consider other research proposals on a case by case basis.

Research application

Expression of Interest

The first step in the research application process is to send a brief 2 to 3 page Expression of Interest to DCS outlining the overarching purpose of the proposed study along with a general summary of the research methodology, timelines, and what access to the Department would be required eg which prisons, what type of data, what type of client sample, etc.

The Expression of Interest will be considered with reference to, among other things, the Department's Strategic Research Priorities 2013-2014 and with respect to the Department's capacity to support/facilitate the proposed research given the stated methodology and timelines.

If the Department considers the proposed research to be of direct interest and if the relevant divisions have the capacity to support its conduct, the researcher will be invited to submit a full application for research approval.


Researchers are advised to download the Code of Conduct for Researchers and the Information and Guidelines for Researchers.

Health and Medical Research

Please note that health and medical research proposals are to be completed on the Application Form for the Conduct of Health and Medical Research.


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